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Rosemary is really good with baked chicken. I was prepping chicken to go in the oven yesterday and I didn't feel like separating the chicken breast from the skin and putting the spices under the skin, like I usually do. But, I wanted to put the rosemary on the chicken in a way where it wouldn't come off and lay in the bottom of the pan. So, I two 2-inch twigs of fresh rosemary between the wing and the breast. I didn't think about it when I did it but when the chicken came out of the oven my son asked why the chicken had harry armpits! LOL!!!  
So, there you have it: Harry Armpit Chicken.

I use McCormick Grill Mates spices on a routing basis. Not only are the spices about $1 a bottle they are also packed with perfect spices for what you are cooking.

Tips for tasty burgers:
- Mix 3 parts BBQ sauce with one part water and use the mixture to top the burger either before or after cooking.
- Liquid Smoke is a great addition to patties but be careful not to use too much.
- Worcestershire Sauce is another good addition to burger patties.
- The best ground beef to use, in my opinion, is beef that has a 80/20 meat to fat ratio. The fattiest ground beef is too fatty and the leanest ground beef can be too dry.


Tip for pan frying food:
When frying food in a pan on the stove top, the grease can get dirty and have bits of burned breading. The dirty grease will, most of the time, give the food a bad taste. When this happens to me, I strain the grease instead of dumping the oil and using fresh oil. I place a metal splatter guard over a metal bowl then pour the hot grease over the splatter guard. This will strain out all of the nastiness.  Clean out the pan you were using and dry thoroughly before placing the hot grease back in the pan. Make sure to pot holders to pick up the metal bowl as it will be very hot.
- After taking the food out of the oil, try standing or leaning the food on its side instead of laying down flat. The reason for this method is condensation will occur on the bottom of anything hot. The condensation will make the breading on the bottom soggy.

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